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Meet Rory Toddler Sneakers – the cutest kicks for little explorers! With a wide round toe and breathable design, there's plenty of room for tiny toes to play. Crafted from Aussie Angus Cowskin and cozy sheepskin lining, these sneakers flex and grip for every adventure. Let the tot step confidently with the anti-slip rubber sole. Autumn's best buddy for tiny feet!

Size: 17
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Leather: First Class Australian Angus Cowskin;

Inner: 100% Australian sheepskin;

Outer Sole: Antislip RUBBER;

Inner Sole: 100% Australian sheepskin + Latex

Ultra Breathable Pigskin Insole

The pigskin leather insole boasts larger pores than traditional sheepskin, ensuring superior breathability. Let your baby's feet stay fresh and dry as Pigskins not only breathe but also absorb moisture.

Flexible and Bendable

Our shoes are designed to be flexible and bendable, allowing for natural movement and optimal comfort. Your baby can explore and play with ease.

Anti-Slip Sole

All the shoe soles are designed with various anti-slip textures, and the toddler shoes feature a horizontal texture design at one-third of the shoe's length. This ensures that the shoes meet the one-third bending requirement for babies learning to walk.

We care our mother earth

At Woolly Kids, we prioritize sustainability by using genuine leather, organic cotton, natural rubber, and 100% wool. These materials are biodegradable, free from toxic substances, and provide a natural scent and texture.

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Hand-made shoes

Each pair of Woolly Kids shoes is meticulously handcrafted by experienced artisans using chrome-free tanned A Grade leather from Laverton. Our shoes undergo a 17-step handmade process and are designed to fit the unique shape of children's feet, ensuring comfort and support as they grow.

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