Commitment to Caring for Mother Earth

Every step taken by Woolly Kids is a stride towards the beauty of nature.

Nature's finest offering

At Woolly Kids, we prioritize sustainability by selecting nature's finest offerings. We use A-Grade cowhide, sheepskin, hogskin, and wool sourced from the Laverton area. Additionally, we choose organic cotton, which is non-genetically modified and grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our natural rubber materials not only possess a natural scent and texture but can also completely degrade in the environment, free from any toxic substances.

Chrome-free & non-harmful substances

At Woollykids, we prioritize the safety and well-being of children. That's why we promise to only use leathers that are tanned without chrome and strictly prohibit the use of any harmful substances throughout the entire shoe-making process. We believe in creating a better environment for our children and the world they live in. With our chrome-free and non-harmful substances approach, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their little ones are wearing shoes that prioritize their health and the preservation of nature

Less Waste

Throughout the production process, we always produce based on the customer's demands in each sales quarter, maintaining low inventory levels and avoiding excessive production that wastes raw materials, manpower, and warehouse space. In addition, all of our raw materials come from high-quality breeding cattle slaughtered as by-products of the Australian integrated livestock industry, in order to maximize the utilization of every gift from nature.

Recyclable Packaging - FSC Certified

Each pair of woollykids you will receive is completely packaged with paper boxes and natural adhesives, which are fully recyclable and biodegradable. The pulp used to make these paper boxes all comes from FSC certified forests. (FSC--the Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit international organization that ensures the sustainable development and growth of forests certified by it during their management and utilization.)

To be loved, to beloved

In the story of growth, every little foot needs to be taken care of, every dream needs to be pursued, and every challenge needs to be experienced. With the continuous alternation of seasons, cold and warm, growth is the unchanging theme. Growing up is not only about the height of children, but also about our concept of sustainability to update newer environmental-friendly materials and technology. Woollykids tries to accompanying every parent and kid to measure the world with perseverance, for kids, for nature, for our shared future.