Explore Woolly Kids School Shoes Collection, where style meets durability in every step. Our carefully crafted school shoes for kids, featuring genuine leather, are the best choice for back to school 2024 season. Enhance your child's school days with the perfect balance of fashion and durability. Discover our collection of boys' and girls' school shoes that exude timeless charm through genuine leather craftsmanship. Don't miss our exclusive school shoe sale, including black leather school shoes and cute sneakers. At Woolly Kids, we prioritize comfort and style, providing black leather school shoes that empower your little ones to confidently stride through their academic journey.


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Tassel - Elegant BlackTassel - Elegant Black
George - Elegant BlackGeorge - Elegant Black
Charlotte - Pearl BlackCharlotte - Pearl Black
Pudding Flats - Pearl BlackPudding Flats - Pearl Black
Bow Flats - Mulberry BlackBow Flats - Mulberry Black
Willow - Mulberry BlackWillow - Mulberry Black
Grace - Obsidian BlackGrace - Obsidian Black
Super Sneaker - Cherry PinkSuper Sneaker - Cherry Pink
Ollie - Ruby RedOllie - Ruby Red
woolly kids
Ollie - Ruby Red Sale price$94.99 AUD
Ollie - Indanthrene BlueOllie - Indanthrene Blue
Ollie - Nawa WhiteOllie - Nawa White
woolly kids
Ollie - Nawa White Sale price$94.99 AUD
Ollie - Blend ColorOllie - Blend Color
woolly kids
Ollie - Blend Color Sale price$94.99 AUD
Super Sneaker - Green Grass GreenSuper Sneaker - Green Grass Green
High-Top Walker - Super YellowHigh-Top Walker - Super Yellow
High-Top Walker - Innocent WhiteHigh-Top Walker - Innocent White
Will Flats - Grass GreenWill Flats - Grass Green
Will Flats - Placid BlueWill Flats - Placid Blue
Will Flats - Cherry PinkWill Flats - Cherry Pink
Zeppelin - Ocean BlueZeppelin - Ocean Blue
Zeppelin - Cherry PinkZeppelin - Cherry Pink
Zeppelin - Watermelon RedZeppelin - Watermelon Red
Zeppelin - Grass GreenZeppelin - Grass Green