Welcome to our Woollykids Summer Collection, where style and comfort come together for endless summer fun! Explore our curated assortment of sandals, sneakers, and shoes, all meticulously crafted with 100% Australian leather. Our Summer Collection is designed to keep your little ones cool and comfortable, with breathable materials that let their feet breathe on hot summer days.


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Poppy - OatmealPoppy - Oatmeal
woolly kids
Poppy - Oatmeal Sale price$76.99 AUD
Poppy - Desert YellowPoppy - Desert Yellow
Gefen - ViridisGefen - Viridis
woolly kids
Gefen - Viridis Sale price$92.99 AUD
Poppy - Dusty BluePoppy - Dusty Blue
woolly kids
Poppy - Dusty Blue Sale price$76.99 AUD
Mini Greekn - Cloud WhiteMini Greekn - Cloud White
Zinnia - Seashell PinkZinnia - Seashell Pink
Zinnia - Chestnut BrownZinnia - Chestnut Brown
Clover - ViridisClover - Viridis
woolly kids
Clover - Viridis Sale price$76.99 AUD
Calla - Cream WhiteCalla - Cream White
woolly kids
Calla - Cream White Sale price$78.99 AUD
Rocky - Avocado GreenRocky - Avocado Green
Mini Lola - Cherry PinkMini Lola - Cherry Pink
Kirby - Milktea BrownKirby - Milktea Brown
Flori - Milk Tea BrownFlori - Milk Tea Brown
Roselle - Chestnut BrownRoselle - Chestnut Brown
Gefen - Chestnut BrownGefen - Chestnut Brown
Jessie - Lunar WhiteJessie - Lunar White
woolly kids
Jessie - Lunar White Sale price$82.99 AUD
Mini Jessie - Lunar WhiteMini Jessie - Lunar White
Sherry - Pearl PinkSherry - Pearl Pink
woolly kids
Sherry - Pearl Pink Sale price$76.99 AUD
Sherry - ObsidianSherry - Obsidian
woolly kids
Sherry - Obsidian Sale price$76.99 AUD
Sherry - IvorySherry - Ivory
woolly kids
Sherry - Ivory Sale price$76.99 AUD
Mini Beetle Gladiator - Cocoa BrownMini Beetle Gladiator - Cocoa Brown
Clover - Latte BrownClover - Latte Brown
woolly kids
Clover - Latte Brown Sale price$76.99 AUD
Mini Chloe - Chestnut BrownMini Chloe - Chestnut Brown
Bruno - Lake BlueBruno - Lake Blue
woolly kids
Bruno - Lake Blue Sale price$41.99 AUD
Bruno - Volcano RedBruno - Volcano Red
woolly kids
Bruno - Volcano Red Sale price$41.99 AUD
Bruno - Milktea BrownBruno - Milktea Brown
Dane - Cloud WhiteDane - Cloud White
woolly kids
Dane - Cloud White Sale price$83.99 AUD
Dane - Blossoms PinkDane - Blossoms Pink
woolly kids
Dane - Blossoms Pink Sale price$83.99 AUD
Lola - Star SilveryLola - Star Silvery
woolly kids
Lola - Star Silvery Sale price$87.99 AUD
Lola - Wheatland GoldLola - Wheatland Gold
Lola - Cherry PinkLola - Cherry Pink
woolly kids
Lola - Cherry Pink Sale price$87.99 AUD
Billie - Coral RedBillie - Coral Red
woolly kids
Billie - Coral Red Sale price$83.99 AUD
Billie - Cloud WhiteBillie - Cloud White
woolly kids
Billie - Cloud White Sale price$83.99 AUD
Billie - ObsidianBillie - Obsidian
woolly kids
Billie - Obsidian Sale price$83.99 AUD
Bree - CamelBree - Camel
woolly kids
Bree - Camel Sale price$87.99 AUD
Bree - Sand ColourBree - Sand Colour
woolly kids
Bree - Sand Colour Sale price$87.99 AUD
Nick - Chestnut BrownNick - Chestnut Brown
Nick - Forest GreenNick - Forest Green
woolly kids
Nick - Forest Green Sale price$83.99 AUD
Nick - ObsidianNick - Obsidian
woolly kids
Nick - Obsidian Sale price$83.99 AUD
Rocky - ObsidianRocky - Obsidian
woolly kids
Rocky - Obsidian Sale price$87.99 AUD
Doler - Cloud PinkDoler - Cloud Pink
woolly kids
Doler - Cloud Pink Sale price$79.99 AUD
Doler - Milktea BrownDoler - Milktea Brown
Doler - ObsidianDoler - Obsidian
woolly kids
Doler - Obsidian Sale price$79.99 AUD
Mini Lola - Star SilveryMini Lola - Star Silvery
Mini Lola - Wheatland GoldMini Lola - Wheatland Gold
Fruit Party - CherryFruit Party - Cherry
woolly kids
Fruit Party - Cherry Sale price$79.99 AUD
Fruit Party - WatermelonFruit Party - Watermelon
Adventure - SharkAdventure - Shark
woolly kids
Adventure - Shark Sale price$79.99 AUD
Adventure - TigerAdventure - Tiger
woolly kids
Adventure - Tiger Sale price$79.99 AUD
Mini Billie - ObsidianMini Billie - Obsidian