Watch your kids blossom into fearless explorers, using their feet to measure the world around them as they run, jump, and skip. At Woolly Kids, we understand the importance of providing durable and comfortable shoes to support their active lifestyles. Our commitment to using genuine leather sets us apart in the world of kids' footwear, ensuring long-lasting quality and comfort. With a perfect blend of comfort and fashion, our shoes empower them to express their individuality as they follow their hearts on their adventures. Discover the perfect shoes that will keep up with their boundless energy and provide them with the durability and comfort they need.


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Lillian - Coconut BrownLillian - Coconut Brown
Forest - Forest GreenForest - Forest Green
Gefen - ViridisGefen - Viridis
woolly kids
Gefen - Viridis Sale price$92.99 AUD
Rocky - Avocado GreenRocky - Avocado Green
Indoor shoes - Yellow-BaseIndoor shoes - Yellow-Base
Flori - Milk Tea BrownFlori - Milk Tea Brown
Liya - Cherry PinkLiya - Cherry Pink
woolly kids
Liya - Cherry Pink Sale price$88.99 AUD
Liya - Cream WhiteLiya - Cream White
woolly kids
Liya - Cream White Sale price$88.99 AUD
Roselle - Chestnut BrownRoselle - Chestnut Brown
Gefen - Chestnut BrownGefen - Chestnut Brown
Jessie - Lunar WhiteJessie - Lunar White
woolly kids
Jessie - Lunar White Sale price$82.99 AUD
Ollie - Indanthrene BlueOllie - Indanthrene Blue
Vivian - Coffee BrownVivian - Coffee Brown
Vivian - Gooseberry PinkVivian - Gooseberry Pink
Vivian - Coconut BrownVivian - Coconut Brown
Reina - Retro ClaretRedReina - Retro ClaretRed
Reina - Obsidian BlackReina - Obsidian Black
Reina - Milk Tea BrownReina - Milk Tea Brown
Charles - Obsidian BlackCharles - Obsidian Black
Charles - Coffee BrownCharles - Coffee Brown
Puppies - Blossoms WhitePuppies - Blossoms White
Puppies - Acorn BrownPuppies - Acorn Brown
Leo - White BlueLeo - White Blue
woolly kids
Leo - White Blue Sale price$95.99 AUD
Leo - RainbowLeo - Rainbow
woolly kids
Leo - Rainbow Sale price$95.99 AUD
Bruno - Lake BlueBruno - Lake Blue
woolly kids
Bruno - Lake Blue Sale price$41.99 AUD
Bruno - Volcano RedBruno - Volcano Red
woolly kids
Bruno - Volcano Red Sale price$41.99 AUD
Bruno - Milktea BrownBruno - Milktea Brown
Dane - Cloud WhiteDane - Cloud White
woolly kids
Dane - Cloud White Sale price$83.99 AUD
Dane - Blossoms PinkDane - Blossoms Pink
woolly kids
Dane - Blossoms Pink Sale price$83.99 AUD
Lola - Star SilveryLola - Star Silvery
woolly kids
Lola - Star Silvery Sale price$87.99 AUD
Lola - Wheatland GoldLola - Wheatland Gold
Lola - Cherry PinkLola - Cherry Pink
woolly kids
Lola - Cherry Pink Sale price$87.99 AUD
Billie - Coral RedBillie - Coral Red
woolly kids
Billie - Coral Red Sale price$83.99 AUD
Billie - Cloud WhiteBillie - Cloud White
woolly kids
Billie - Cloud White Sale price$83.99 AUD
Billie - ObsidianBillie - Obsidian
woolly kids
Billie - Obsidian Sale price$83.99 AUD
Bree - CamelBree - Camel
woolly kids
Bree - Camel Sale price$87.99 AUD
Bree - Sand ColourBree - Sand Colour
woolly kids
Bree - Sand Colour Sale price$87.99 AUD
Nick - Chestnut BrownNick - Chestnut Brown
Nick - Forest GreenNick - Forest Green
woolly kids
Nick - Forest Green Sale price$83.99 AUD
Nick - ObsidianNick - Obsidian
woolly kids
Nick - Obsidian Sale price$83.99 AUD
Rocky - ObsidianRocky - Obsidian
woolly kids
Rocky - Obsidian Sale price$87.99 AUD
Pine - Iron BlackPine - Iron Black
woolly kids
Pine - Iron Black Sale price$95.99 AUD
Pine - Milktea BrownPine - Milktea Brown
woolly kids
Pine - Milktea Brown Sale price$95.99 AUD
Eira - TawynEira - Tawyn
woolly kids
Eira - Tawyn Sale price$95.99 AUD
Eira - Yellowis BrownEira - Yellowis Brown
Eira - Dark BrownEira - Dark Brown
woolly kids
Eira - Dark Brown Sale price$95.99 AUD
Garner - Coffee BrownGarner - Coffee Brown
Garner - Navy BlueGarner - Navy Blue
woolly kids
Garner - Navy Blue Sale price$96.99 AUD
Garner - ChestnutGarner - Chestnut
woolly kids
Garner - Chestnut Sale price$96.99 AUD
Indoor shoes - White-BaseIndoor shoes - White-Base