Australian Genuine Leather Kids Shoe

We prioritize the comfort and growth of our little ones. That's why we use certified leather from Laverton and high-quality sheepskin in our designs. These materials offer a perfect combination of softness, strength, and resilience, allowing delicate little feet to grow naturally and comfortably. At Woollykids, we take pride in providing the utmost care and ensuring that each child's comfort is our top priority.

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100% Australian cow leather

This ensures not only the durability and longevity of our products but also supports the local economy and promotes ethical sourcing practices.

Heat-Molded Box Heel

By utilizing strengthened materials and a hot-melt adhesive, it provides enhanced stability and durability, ensuring increased longevity and resilience for the heel area.

Natural Latex Flexible Sole

Our rubber sole features a three-dimensional tread design, providing excellent slip resistance and durability. It's not only functional but also visibly soft, giving babies and children a comfortable walking experience.

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At Woollykids, we're committed to providing the best experience - because we know that shoes are more than products, but also companions, gifts, and love for little ones.

Made with Genuine Leather

We embrace the benefits of natural materials for children's foot development, prioritize durability, breathability, and comfort.

Podiatrists Approved Design

Health first is our tenet. We work with podiatrists to ensure the balance between support, flexibility, and room for tiny toes to grow throughout their walking journeys.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Our shoes meet EN71-3 child safety standards. They are chemical-free, non-toxic, and made with care for our planet.

For Growing Little Feet

Shoes at this stage should provide softness, protection and flexibility, to ensure healthy growth of babies' feet, imitating the touch like the floor.

At this stage, a pair of shoes should be carefully selected to celebrate a milestone in your little one’s lives---- walking on their own.

Kids truly become an explorer. They use their feet to measure the world as much as they can, running, jumping, skipping----all we could help is to give them a suitable shoes with more durability and comforts.