Crafted using high-quality, genuine leather, our sandals provide superior support and flexibility for growing little feet. We understand that comfort is key, so we have carefully designed each pair to ensure a snug and secure fit. With summer in mind, our sandals feature breathable materials that allow for proper airflow, preventing any discomfort or irritation. Whether your child is playing at the beach, exploring the park, or attending a special occasion, our sandals are suitable for any adventure.


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Gefen - ViridisGefen - Viridis
woolly kids
Gefen - Viridis Sale price$92.99 AUD
Mini Greekn - Cloud WhiteMini Greekn - Cloud White
Zinnia - Seashell PinkZinnia - Seashell Pink
Zinnia - Chestnut BrownZinnia - Chestnut Brown
Clover - ViridisClover - Viridis
woolly kids
Clover - Viridis Sale price$76.99 AUD
Calla - Cream WhiteCalla - Cream White
woolly kids
Calla - Cream White Sale price$78.99 AUD
Rocky - Avocado GreenRocky - Avocado Green
Mini Lola - Cherry PinkMini Lola - Cherry Pink
Kirby - Milktea BrownKirby - Milktea Brown
Roselle - Chestnut BrownRoselle - Chestnut Brown
Gefen - Chestnut BrownGefen - Chestnut Brown
Jessie - Lunar WhiteJessie - Lunar White
woolly kids
Jessie - Lunar White Sale price$82.99 AUD
Mini Jessie - Lunar WhiteMini Jessie - Lunar White
Mini Beetle Gladiator - Cocoa BrownMini Beetle Gladiator - Cocoa Brown
Clover - Latte BrownClover - Latte Brown
woolly kids
Clover - Latte Brown Sale price$76.99 AUD
Mini Chloe - Chestnut BrownMini Chloe - Chestnut Brown
Bruno - Lake BlueBruno - Lake Blue
woolly kids
Bruno - Lake Blue Sale price$41.99 AUD
Bruno - Volcano RedBruno - Volcano Red
woolly kids
Bruno - Volcano Red Sale price$41.99 AUD
Bruno - Milktea BrownBruno - Milktea Brown
Dane - Cloud WhiteDane - Cloud White
woolly kids
Dane - Cloud White Sale price$83.99 AUD
Dane - Blossoms PinkDane - Blossoms Pink
woolly kids
Dane - Blossoms Pink Sale price$83.99 AUD
Lola - Star SilveryLola - Star Silvery
woolly kids
Lola - Star Silvery Sale price$87.99 AUD
Lola - Wheatland GoldLola - Wheatland Gold
Lola - Cherry PinkLola - Cherry Pink
woolly kids
Lola - Cherry Pink Sale price$87.99 AUD
Billie - Coral RedBillie - Coral Red
woolly kids
Billie - Coral Red Sale price$83.99 AUD
Billie - Cloud WhiteBillie - Cloud White
woolly kids
Billie - Cloud White Sale price$83.99 AUD
Billie - ObsidianBillie - Obsidian
woolly kids
Billie - Obsidian Sale price$83.99 AUD
Bree - CamelBree - Camel
woolly kids
Bree - Camel Sale price$87.99 AUD
Bree - Sand ColourBree - Sand Colour
woolly kids
Bree - Sand Colour Sale price$87.99 AUD
Nick - Chestnut BrownNick - Chestnut Brown
Nick - Forest GreenNick - Forest Green
woolly kids
Nick - Forest Green Sale price$83.99 AUD
Nick - ObsidianNick - Obsidian
woolly kids
Nick - Obsidian Sale price$83.99 AUD
Rocky - ObsidianRocky - Obsidian
woolly kids
Rocky - Obsidian Sale price$87.99 AUD
Doler - Cloud PinkDoler - Cloud Pink
woolly kids
Doler - Cloud Pink Sale price$79.99 AUD
Doler - Milktea BrownDoler - Milktea Brown
Doler - ObsidianDoler - Obsidian
woolly kids
Doler - Obsidian Sale price$79.99 AUD
Mini Lola - Star SilveryMini Lola - Star Silvery
Mini Lola - Wheatland GoldMini Lola - Wheatland Gold
Fruit Party - CherryFruit Party - Cherry
woolly kids
Fruit Party - Cherry Sale price$79.99 AUD
Fruit Party - WatermelonFruit Party - Watermelon
Adventure - SharkAdventure - Shark
woolly kids
Adventure - Shark Sale price$79.99 AUD
Adventure - TigerAdventure - Tiger
woolly kids
Adventure - Tiger Sale price$79.99 AUD
Mini Billie - ObsidianMini Billie - Obsidian
Mini Billie - Coral RedMini Billie - Coral Red
Mini Billie - Cloud WhiteMini Billie - Cloud White
Nala - Cherry PinkNala - Cherry Pink
woolly kids
Nala - Cherry Pink Sale price$79.99 AUD
Nala - Latte BrownNala - Latte Brown
woolly kids
Nala - Latte Brown Sale price$79.99 AUD
Nala - White AlmondNala - White Almond
woolly kids
Nala - White Almond Sale price$79.99 AUD
KaKa - Honey OrangeKaKa - Honey Orange
woolly kids
KaKa - Honey Orange Sale price$77.99 AUD
KaKa - ViridisKaKa - Viridis
woolly kids
KaKa - Viridis Sale price$77.99 AUD