Mosaic color Macaron - Cloud Pink& Beige White

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Elevate your style game with these Mosaic color Macarons! Made with top layer Australian Angus cowhide and soft sheepskin lining, these shoes are both fashionable and comfortable. The soft rubber outsole and sheepskin + latex insole provide support for all-day wear. Available in three styles!

Size: 17
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Upper Material: Top layer Australian Angus cowhide;

Inner Material: Top layer sheepskin;

Outsole Material: Soft rubber outsole;

Insole Material: Sheepskin + Latex insole

Widen Toe Cap

The wider toe cap feature ensures ample space for the baby's toes to move and grow comfortably. It provides a natural and unrestricted feel while promoting proper foot development.

Non-Rubbing Heel

The non-rubbing heel design prevents irritation and discomfort around the heel area. It offers a snug fit without causing any friction or blisters, allowing the baby to walk and play with ease.

Anti-Slip Sole

All the shoe soles are designed with various anti-slip textures, and the toddler shoes feature a horizontal texture design at one-third of the shoe's length. This ensures that the shoes meet the one-third bending requirement for babies learning to walk.

We care our mother earth

At Woolly Kids, we prioritize sustainability by using genuine leather, organic cotton, natural rubber, and 100% wool. These materials are biodegradable, free from toxic substances, and provide a natural scent and texture.

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Hand-made shoes

Each pair of Woolly Kids shoes is meticulously handcrafted by experienced artisans using chrome-free tanned A Grade leather from Laverton. Our shoes undergo a 17-step handmade process and are designed to fit the unique shape of children's feet, ensuring comfort and support as they grow.

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