Indoor shoes - White-Base

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Step into comfort and style with our Indoor Shoes for Kids! Designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes, these shoes are perfect for little feet. Crafted from 100% Australian cow leather and ultra-ventilate mesh, they provide superior breathability and comfort. The lightweight, non-slip rubber sole features a colorful maze pattern, making it easy for kids to distinguish. Start nurturing your child's cognitive skills from their first steps. Let's walk and learn together!

Size: 23
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Leather: 100% Australian cow leather + Ultra ventilate mash;

Inner: Ultra ventilate mash;

Outer Sole: Antislip Maze pattern RUBBER;

Inner Sole: Ultra ventilate mash + Latex

Widen Toe Cap

The wider toe cap feature ensures ample space for the baby's toes to move and grow comfortably. It provides a natural and unrestricted feel while promoting proper foot development.

Non-Rubbing Heel

The non-rubbing heel design prevents irritation and discomfort around the heel area. It offers a snug fit without causing any friction or blisters, allowing the baby to walk and play with ease.

Anti-Slip Sole

All the shoe soles are designed with various anti-slip textures, and the toddler shoes feature a horizontal texture design at one-third of the shoe's length. This ensures that the shoes meet the one-third bending requirement for babies learning to walk.

We care our mother earth

At Woolly Kids, we prioritize sustainability by using genuine leather, organic cotton, natural rubber, and 100% wool. These materials are biodegradable, free from toxic substances, and provide a natural scent and texture.

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Hand-made shoes

Each pair of Woolly Kids shoes is meticulously handcrafted by experienced artisans using chrome-free tanned A Grade leather from Laverton. Our shoes undergo a 17-step handmade process and are designed to fit the unique shape of children's feet, ensuring comfort and support as they grow.

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