Roaming in the Castle!

Now we are launching our AW24 Scene 1 - Castle Roaming. This Castle Roaming collection introduces a series of meticulously designed sneakers, Mary janes and T-bar shoes crafted from premium leather, featuring classic styles and vibrant, playful color schemes. Working closely with podiatrists, we ensure these little shoes offer utmost comfort for little feet, along with durability and support for all-day wear.


Nature Texture

As we venture together, let's witness the falling leaves, the vast wilderness, and the sky interwoven with hues of red, yellow, and blue. Push open the heavy doors and step into the autumn wilderness, where the whispers of autumn echo. The rustling return of fallen leaves connects the earth with the footsteps of children. Stand on the terrace of the castle, gaze into the distance, and behold the stretching tree tops and mountain peaks. Watch birds ride the clouds, gracefully painting arcs in the sky, creating a poetic masterpiece.

Celebrate Every Moments

In this inspiring season, let's embrace nature, cherish leisurely moments, and discover its wisdom and gifts. Let's read the history and texture of nature, experience the stories of time, and together with Woolly Kids, uncover the beauty that surrounds us.