Fall, in Sunlit Meadow

Welcome to the second scene of our AW24 series, where we follow the footsteps of autumn and arrive at the Sunlit Meadow. It unfolds everything slowly, allowing it to stretch or continue spreading, while quietly settling to brew new stories and strength.

We are proud to introduce our meticulously designed leather boots collection for this cooler autumn, along with two brand-new waterproof boots. Using high-quality leather and focusing on natural, stylish, and playful designs, we wish that these shoes not only be reliable and comfortable, but also bring little ones confidence and joy.

Autumn's Philosophy

Autumn is not just a transition in temperature; it brings forth growth and reflection as the year approaches its end. From the vibrant burst of life, we gradually enter a state of tranquility and consolidation. It is a moment of transformation, revealing new facets. Witnessing such changes should fulfill our imagination of nature, as we observe the intricate details of branches and the rings that mark the passing years.

Joy and Growth with Woolly Kids

Sitting on the autumn meadow, we are surrounded by a myriad of colors on the distant mountains, filled with depth and layers. Each frame resembles an exquisite oil painting, showcasing the aesthetic beauty of nature. All the joys and aspirations find their way to this season as promised.

WOOLLY KIDS hopes that every little one to harvest joy and growth in this fulfilling season. Now step on and pick your favorite boots at woollykids.com!